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ngIRCd: Next Generation IRC Daemon

“… serving white hat 6667!”



If you find any bugs or you have any ideas on developing ngIRCD, it is best to put them into the Bug-Tracker of the ngIRCd. There is also a mailing list for discussions and questions concerning the ngIRCd (and you don't need an account for posting).

Alexander Barton ( had the idea to develop the ngIRCD; he is responsible for big parts of today's soucre code.

BTW: we are always happy any patches or additional peers!

ngIRCd in IRC: irc://

Mailing list

There is an (English) mailing list, which covers all technical questions around the ngIRCd: compilation, installation, configuration and further development and upgrading. Furthermore, it is used to announce updates and innovations.

You can sign up via the homepage of the mailing list, but this is not required for posting to the list.

All posts are archived in the list archive.

Email address:


Many thanks to all who contributed by sending in feedback. A list (with no claim to be complete) of all contributors can be found in the file doc/AUTHORS.