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ngIRCd: Next Generation IRC Daemon

“… serving white hat 6667!”

News & History

Latest news: ngIRCd on Mastodon or X.


The current stable version is Release 27 of April 26 2024, please refer to the Download options.

ngIRCd is used as the daemon in real-world in-house and public IRC networks and included in the package repositories of various operating systems.


Development of ngIRCd started back in 2001: The server has been written from scratch in C, tries to follow all relevant standards, and is not based on the forefather, the daemon of the IRCNet.

It is not the goal of ngIRCd to implement all the nasty behaviors of the original ircd or corner-cases in the RFCs, but to implement most of the useful commands and semantics that are used by existing clients.

Caution: ngIRCd up to and including release 26.1 did not validate SSL certificates on server-server links! If you run a network of ngIRCd daemons you should upgrade to ngIRCd 27 (released April 26, 2024) or newer!

The NEWS-file and the ChangeLog are available online and in the archives.