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ngIRCd: Next Generation IRC Daemon

“… serving white hat 6667!”


Source Code

ngIRCd Release 21.1 (2014-03-25):
Server: (http): ngircd-21.1.tar.gz (Sig), tar.xz (Sig), tar.Z (Sig)
Server: (http): ngircd-21.1.tar.gz (Sig), tar.xz (Sig), tar.Z (Sig)

All previous versions, GnuPG signatures of the archives and test versions from GIT sources (if available) can be downloaded from the download directory.


Ready packages for ngIRCd are available for the following distributions:

Inofficial packages:

GIT Repository

The source code and all files belonging to ngIRCd are managed by GIT. Anonymous access is possible, the details can be found here: GIT.txt.

The repository is also available online: ngIRCd GIT Repository. A Mirror is available on GitHub.

Current build status on Travis-CI: