[ngIRCd-ML] sudo nick command for IRC operators

Alexander Barton alex at barton.de
Sun Jul 10 13:09:36 CEST 2011

Hi Rich!

Am 09.07.2011 um 02:24 schrieb Rich Griese:

> This might exist, but perhaps someone can send me the exact command.
> I am looking for a command that IRC operators can use that would change another users nickname. Something like;
> /sudo nick Guest849 peter
> If this exists could someone send me the syntax?

There is no such command available.

> I am running a small IRC network that I use on my website as a simple way for people to contact me real time. The initial page uses a mibbit web interface that asks people to start by entering their nickname, but you would be amazed at how many people just click through with the Guest??? nick. And then... the first thing they will say is "Rich, it's peter". At that point I it would be great for me for me to be able to change their nickname for them instead of telling them how to change their nick themselves.

Now there are two options:

a) use some sort of IRC services (like Anope, the development version will work with ngIRCd r18 which will be released today),

b) someone writes a patch for ngIRCd, which should be not that hard – but requires some testing if it works in a network as expected.


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