[ngIRCd-ML] ngIRCd Release 15

Alexander Barton alex at barton.de
Thu Nov 12 14:33:32 CET 2009

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There have been no reports of problems in our release candidate for
ngIRCd 15, so here it is!

Since our last ngIRCd release 14.1 on April 9 quite a few fixes and
enhancements have been developed and been integrated into our master branch.

The changes are:

- - Do not add default listening port (6667) if SSL ports were
  specified, so ngIRCd can be configured to only accept SSL
  encrypted connections now.
- - Enable IRC operators to use the IRC command SQUIT (insted of
  the already implemented but non-standard DISCONNECT command).
- - New configuration option "AllowRemoteOper" (disabled by default)
  that enables remote IRC operators to use the IRC commands SQUIT
  and CONNECT on the local server.
- - Mac OS X: fix test for packagemaker(1) tool in Makefile and use
  gcc 4.0 for Mac OS X 10.4 compatibility in the Xcode project file.
- - Fix --with-{openssl|gnutls} to accept path names.
- - Fix LSB header of Debian init script.
- - Updated doc/Platforms.txt and include new script
  contrib/platformtest.sh to ease generating platform reports.
- - Fix connection information for already registered connections.
- - Enforce upper limit on maximum number of handled commands.
  This implements a throttling scheme: an IRC client can send up
  to 3 commands or 256 bytes per second before a one second pause
  is enforced.
- - Fix connection counter.
- - Fix a few error handling glitches for SSL/TLS connections.
- - Minor fixes to manual pages and documentation.

You can download ngIRCd release 15 here:


The GnuPG signatures for 15, a Mac OS X installer package, and patches
from release 14.1 are available and can be downloaded from here:


The relevant MD5 sums are:

ngircd-15.tar.gz: c183a85eba6fe51255983848f099c8ae
ngircd-14.1-15.patch.gz: 8a114618bfc23d3301762e0dbee704ac

You can have a look at the complete history and every single patch using
the GIT web-frontend located at:


Please let us know if you encounter any bugs or need more/better
documentation (best is to file bugs using the bug tracker or to mail to
this list). Thanks!


Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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