[ngIRCd-ML] ngIRCd 0.10.2-pre2

Alexander Barton alex at barton.de
Sun May 20 12:05:26 CEST 2007

Hello World!

This is the announcement for the second test version before ngIRCd
0.10.2 will be released.

There is one change since -pre1, that allows server links to use bigger
write buffers which should solve problems which occures when "big
servers" tried to peer. Please test!

I hope that this is the last pre-release and 0.10.2 is next!



The GnuPG signature and a patch from 0.10.2-pre1 is available and can be
downloaded from here:


This pre-release is tagged as "rel-0-10-2-pre2" in CVS (the branch for
the 0.10.x releases is named "branch-0-10-x").

Changes since ngIRCd 0.10.2-pre1 are:

  - Server links are allowed to use larger write buffers now
    (up to 50 KB).

Changes since ngIRCd 0.10.1 are:

  - Fix compressed server links (broken since 0.10.0).
  - Predefined Channel configuration now allows specification of channel
    key (mode k) and maximum user count (mode l).
  - When using epoll() IO interface, compile in the select() interface
    as well and fall back to it when epoll() isn't available on runtime.
  - New configure option "--without-select" to disable select() IO API
    (even when using epoll(), see above).
  - Added support for IO APIs "poll()" and "/dev/poll".
  - Reorganized internal handling of invite and ban lists.

Please test this release and let us know which problems you encounter
and which changes should be made for the final 0.10.2 release. Thanks!


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