[ngIRCd-ML] ngIRCd 0.8.2

Alexander Barton alex at barton.de
Thu Feb 3 10:48:02 CET 2005

Hi Jens!

> Is it safe to double this values in defines.h to allow people to send longer
> messages?
> #define READBUFFER_LEN 2048             /* Laenge des Lesepuffers je
> Verbindung (Bytes) */
> #define WRITEBUFFER_LEN 4096            /* Laenge des Schreibpuffers je
> Verbindung (Bytes) */
> #ifdef ZLIB
> #define ZREADBUFFER_LEN 1024            /* Laenge des Lesepuffers je
> Verbindung (Bytes) */
> #define ZWRITEBUFFER_LEN 4096           /* Laenge des Schreibpuffers fuer
> Kompression (Bytes) */

No, it's not "safe":

a) The limit of 512 bytes per command ("message") is defined in the 
RFCs, so you'll most probably break clients (and other servers) as well.

b) Concerning the ngIRCd, you have at least to tweak COMMAND_LEN as well 
(and possibly other code).


Alexander Barton, Freiburg, Germany
alex at barton.de, http://www.barton.de/

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